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Logistics International, Inc. strives to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions for all personnel.
  • Safety at work:
    Logistics International, Inc. provides and maintains a healthy working environment and safe premises for its entire staff. Safe work practices are required by all employees and continuing assessments of risks and safe practices are routine. Each employee has the responsibility of reporting ANY unsafe issue to Management.
  • Equipment Safety:
    All equipment being utilized at Logistics International, Inc. must be deemed as safe and certified for proper use. This includes routine maintenance, certifications, and inspections.
  • Third party Subcontractors:
    Logistics International, Inc. works with only specially selected partners to ensure Health and Safety standards are the highest in the industry.
  • Health:
    Healthy working conditions are the most important aspect of Logistics International, Inc. business philosophy. We do our utmost to provide the safest environment in the industry to prevent our staff from any exposure to occupational risks.
  • Environment:
    Logistics International, Inc. is firmly committed to the protection of the environment and complies with all relative local and federal regulations. We purchase and operate the latest available equipment with consideration to minimizing carbon emissions.
  • Training:
    Logistics International, Inc. ensures proper instruction, training, information, and supervision to maintain current health and safety practices.
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