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  • Web visibility at both the shipment level and warehouse level.
  • Integrated shipment and warehouse programs providing a seamless flow of online information from P.O. data entry to final shipping details.
  • Search criteria, sort and layout options give flexible data presentation quick drill down to shipment, container or commodity detail.

Tracking starts once a purchase order, material receipt, bill of lading, or air waybill is created, or an import shipment is entered. In-transit status is obtained by direct EDI communication with all major portals, steamship lines and air carriers to complete an end-to-end view. Status information updated by our staff is immediately made available online. Automated e-mail notification can be setup to desired shipment parties triggered upon shipment status changes to proactively manage delivery expectations.

Our system grants customers "administrative control" over their own users logins. The designated administrator can add, edit, activate, and disable user logins for their company thereby providing security to the availability of your equipment and shipping information. The system offers:

  • Shipment Level
    Specific shipment data including carrier status messages automatically updated to our system
  • Container Level
    Specific ocean container data based on container number
  • Purchase Order Level
    Specific data for your Purchase Orders entered and/or transmitted to our system
  • SKU Level
    Specific SKU data for any particular part that has gone through our system (past, present, future)
  • Inventory Level
    Real time inventory data for material on hand in our warehouse
  • Advanced Search Functions
    Search by Shipper, Consignee, Origin, Destination, Reference, Commodity, Date, Mode of Transport, Container number, P.O. number, SKU number, Warehouse Inventory
  • Download Shipment Data
    Download your shipment data to Excel
  • Document Imaging
    Access copies of shipping documentation online (optional feature available upon request)
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